Meet - Ackson Banda

Ackson is a Software Engineer, Programmer and Author.

Paying school fees had always been difficult. I had limited financial assistance because I was a single orphan. My father is late and I was only raised by my mother. When I went to junior Secondary, I was assited by the Government through the Social Welfare fund in to my school fees.

I went on to complete High School and applied at the Copperbelt University for Tertiary Education. I was excited when I got accepted. However, looking at the tuition fees indicated on the documents attached to my admission letter stole away my excitement. I had no funds to help myself with in that situation.

Someone told me about the Bursaries Committe now known as Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board (HELSB). I immediately collected supporting documents that I attached and applied for the Student Loan Scheme at HELSB.

Fortunately, I was awarded the student loan and went ahead to pursue my dream which was almost shut but HELSB made it possible with the student loan.
I graduated from the Copperbelt University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.
Currently, I am paying back my loan because I want HELSB to continue making it possible for another Zambian out there.

It Is Possible!
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