Meet - Christine Malama

Christine is a Bachelor's Degree holder in Adult Education.

My Journey

My story is about determination, persistence and perserverence to get where I am today. During my study at the University of Zambia, I experienced a lot of challenges.
As a double orphan who was on self sponsorship cause I only knew about the Bursaries Committee now known as Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board (HELSB) in my second year of study. I applied for a student loan but unfortunately I was not awarded.
It was not easy to cover for all my needs. Lack of sufficient funds to cover for other expenses like transport to and from school made me walk from my residence Kabanana to the University of Zambia. Hiking I could but not always cause a lift from a stranger is a gamble. To some extent, I thought God forgot about me, He never gave me the chance to be sponsored by HELSB.

Despite all these challenges I chose to focus on the positive side of things which was that I was given a chance to study at a University which others keep looking for. I focused on the side of things that were giving me hope like the fact that I need to graduate well so I can get a good job and be whatever I wanted to be.

In my 3rd year of study at the University of Zambia, I applied for internship at the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia. I was given an opportunity to work as an intern. This opportunity helped me to earn something and I was able to cover for most things I could not cover. I believe it was God's plan cause I was able to pay my school fees from the earnings during my internship. Yes I was not given a student loan by the Board, but the internship opportunity gave me both the funds I needed and the experience in my career.

Here I am, a graduate from the highest learning institution in Zambia. I believe determination pays off. Not being given a loan or scholarship is not the end of your dream, it is actually the begining of the journey to accomplishments.

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