Meet - Edward Mwansa

Edward is a holder of Masters Degree in Computer Science, Programmer. Edward did both his undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Russia.

My Journey

I had hope of becoming someone but it was fading away till the moment I came to the knowledge of scholarships by the Higher Education Loans and scholarships Board (HELSB). HELSB was the fuel that rekindled the hope in me. I had a limited choice, a thin bridge to cross a wider ocean to the other side and HELSB made it possible.

I describe my case as on of a person trying to cross the ocean using a very thin bridge, having nothing to show while crossing the bridge lest one falls into the ocean. Since the only choice is a thin bridge, drowning becomes inevitable if one does not know how to swim.

HELSB saw my struggle across the thin bridge and widened it for me by giving me wings to fly when all I could do was crawl. HELSB awarded me a loan to support my scholarship to study in Russia. Keeping up in foreign countries can be a hustle and HELSB gave me the muscle.

Many of us would be in a situation where you do have a starting point but it is not enough, do know know HELSB is here to make it possible for you to reach even greater heights. Yes it is possible. You can be next.

It Is Possible!
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