Higher Education Loans & Scholarship Board (HELSB)


Student Loans

Currently Student Loans are given to Undergraduate Students joining UNZA, CBU, KMU, MKU, MU, CHAU and KNU from secondary schools across the country. The loans cater for tuition and accommodation fees and meal, book and project allowances. The students are required to repay their loans one year after leaving their institutions of learning.

Important Information to Note

  • Types of Support

    HELSB recognizes the diverse circumstances of applicants and tailors its support to ensure equitable access to education. By offering different percentages based on individual qualifications, HELSB aims to foster inclusivity and empower a broad spectrum of students on their educational journey.

  • Prospective Students

    1. To read and understand the Loan Application Guideline
    2.To prepare all the attachments to support their applications (birth certificates, academic certificates, national IDs etc)
    3. To ensure all documents are certified by relevant authorities

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether you're a prospective borrower seeking information on how to finance your education or a current borrower navigating the repayment process, our FAQs aim to provide clarity and guidance to support your educational journey. Vist our FAQs, here.