Higher Education Loans & Scholarship Board (HELSB)


Introduction of Student Loans

The Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board (HELSB) was established by the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Act No. 31 of 2016. HELSB replaced the Bursaries Committee which was established by Statutory Instrument No. 182 of 1973 of the Education Act CAP 134 of the Laws of Zambia. HELSB took over the administration of student loans and scholarships from the Bursaries Committee.

student loans

Currently Student Loans are given to Undergraduate Students joining UNZA, CBU, KMU, MKU, MU, CHAU, KNU PU from secondary schools across the country. The loans cater for tuition fees, accommodation fees, meal allowances, book allowances and project allowances. All beneficiaries are required to repay their loans one year after leaving their institutions of learning.

Institutions were we Sponsor Students to

Kwame Nkrumah University Student Loans
Chalimbana University Student Loans
Kapasa Makasa University Student Loans
Mulungushi University Student Loans
Mukuba University Student Loans
The Copperbelt University Student Loans
The University of Zambia Student Loans